F1: Verstappen “only” second The wood that champions are made of

The wood that champions are made of

Max Verstappen “only” came second in qualifying for the Turkish GP. But he still showed why he is the driver of the future

D.the king is dead, long live the king! The legendary Ayrton Senna was the rain king in Formula 1, which everyone accepted. Now the Brazilian Formula 1 icon has found its legitimate successor: in Max Verstappen (23), the flying and winning Dutchman. Even though he finished second in qualifying, Verstappen was still in a class of his own.
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The Dutch Red Bull driver dominated every training session in Istanbul in the most difficult conditions, only a wrong tire choice shortly before the end prevented the pole position. Most impressive though: He was 2.4 seconds faster than his teammate Alexander Albon in the rain in Turkey. These huge gaps between teammates last happened in the days of Ayrton Senna.

The wood that champions are made of

Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll

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Verstappen is cut out of the wood for future super champions for another reason. Instead of being happy about his second place on the grid behind Racing Point driver Lance Stroll, he was extremely frustrated. For minutes he sat leaning against a wall in the paddock without a word because he could not believe the result. He later explained: “If you are superior in every training session, you want to be in the end too. The intermediates just didn’t work. I would have preferred to stay outside with the rain tires. It was just not a good day.”

Verstappen didn’t care that he could clearly beat the two Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. What annoyed him mightily: That the maximum possible was not achieved regardless of the result. And it is precisely this attitude that makes him, along with his exorbitant driving talent, the series world champion of the future.


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