F1: Vettel at Aston Martin – brand ambassador and shareholder?

Vettel: brand ambassador and shareholder?

Sebastian Vettel should not only be a driver, but also a brand ambassador for Aston Martin.

L.Can Sebastian Vettel (36) from Aston Martin pay more for his name than for his services in the cockpit? As reports, the German will receive “only” 1.3 million euros per season plus bonuses from his future employer instead of the previously rumored 15 million euros annual salary. Instead, he secured an additional salary of 4.2 million euros as a brand ambassador for Aston Martin.
Neither in the Vettel environment nor at Racing Point do you want to confirm this in concrete terms, but we hear from Racing Point: Both Vettel and his new team-mate Lance Stroll will also represent the Aston Martin brand in the future.

The construct makes sense. Recently, Vettel had repeatedly emphasized: Money does not matter to him. Even for a Ferrari contract extension, he would have gone far down from his current earnings of around 35 million euros in view of the economic consequences of the corona. In addition: Racing Point remains a private team. Aston Martin only gives you the naming license. It is fitting that Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll is also a major shareholder and chairman of Aston Martin – but separates the two investments.

But he knows just like Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers: The name Vettel has huge advertising value for the British sports car brand. Therefore, a brand ambassador contract makes sense: In Formula 1, the German races in the licensed Aston Martin on Sunday. On Monday, the manufacturer advertises with its successes for super athletes like the new mega SUV DBX.

Michael Schumacher also linked his comeback at Mercedes in 2010 with a role as a brand ambassador

Sebastian Vettel wouldn’t be the first to have his name paid for. When Niki Lauda was negotiating payment for his comeback at McLaren in 1982, he told Paul Hogan, who was in charge of Marlboro at the time: “Give me a dollar for driving and three million for the advertising value of my name.” Marlboro struck.

Michael Schumacher also linked his comeback at Mercedes in 2010 with a role as a brand ambassador. He kept this role even after his resignation at the end of 2012. Only his serious skiing accident in December 2013 stopped work. Nevertheless, his family still receives valuable support from Mercedes, including in the form of special disabled-friendly cars.

But back to Vettel and Aston Martin. On the sidelines of the Russian GP, ​​Mercedes motorsport director and Aston Martin shareholder Toto Wolff even brought up a share purchase by Vettel. Wolff admits: “Sebastian is first and foremost a racing driver. It’s about the performance on the track. ”But he also says:“ That doesn’t mean that he might not buy a few shares – especially if the company is still valued low. This opportunity is there of course. “

One thing is certain: the current share price is around 55 cents, well below the highs of the past two years. Only positive things can be heard from the new DBX. Rising sales should also allow the currently undervalued share to climb again.

Just like successes and advertising by Sebastian Vettel. The Viennese Wolff, who is already happy, knows that: “I also have shares in Aston Martin. From a perspective, I think that (Vettel’s obligation; d. Ed.) Is great. Because Germany is the second most important market. “


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