Fabrizio and Lisa from ‘Love Island’ went on a date

Temptation Islandseducer Fabrizio and Love Islandparticipant Lisa went on a date. Lisa tells this herself in an interview with TV Familie. Due to the corona measures, they could not have a normal date, but it was very nice, Lisa says. She would certainly like a second date like that.

Is there a new reality TV couple coming soon? It could just be. Fabrizio, who we know from Temptation Island went on a date with Lisa, who we know from that other reality island Love Island.

Fabrizio and Lisa

Fabrizio and Lisa’s date did not just happen. “I’ve known Fabrizio for a while,” says Lisa. “Although I had not yet met him in person. We had spoken on the phone a few times. And also sent messages and stuff. That was fun and it happened more and more. ”

Then the two decided it was time to meet in person to see if it really clicked. And so Lisa and Fabrizio went on a date.

Walking in Ghent

Lisa and Fabrizio did adhere to the corona measures during their date. “We couldn’t do much,” says Lisa. “The cafes and restaurants are closed.”

That is why the duo opted for a winter walk. “We met in Ghent and walked there. And a lot of talking. Very nice. We felt good together. ”

Second date?

Lisa and Fabrizio are not yet a couple. “But Fabrizio is a great guy. I certainly do not rule out that it will become more. ” Lisa got to know a completely different Fabrizio than how we know him. “I didn’t look Temptation Island. So I couldn’t judge him based on that program. But I heard and read all about him. And when you see him with his tattoos… He looks like a real macho. ”

But that’s not the Fabrizio Lisa knows. “He really surprised me. You can talk to Fabrizio about anything. He is sweet, thoughtful. And ambitious. He is busy with so many things, has so many dreams. I find that attractive in a man. ”

She certainly likes a second date. “Yes, that would be fun! And if it turns out, so much the better. If it doesn’t work out, then I have already met a very nice man. Nice experiences, meeting nice people. They are things that make life worth living. ”


Lisa works as a caregiver in a residential care center and has therefore had several difficult months. “There have been many infections. Also with the staff. I’ve also had corona myself. I was quite sick of that. But that was nothing compared to the misery that some of our residents and their families go through. ”

But she still likes to do her job. “It was emotionally tough. But you get so much love back. That makes my job worthwhile. Although I must say that I do not see myself working in health care all my life. I have other ambitions. ”


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