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Face mask mandatory in all 14,000 McDonald’s in America

Fast food chain McDonald’s will be obligating all visitors to all of its restaurants in the United States to wear mouth masks as of today.

Americans who are hungry this weekend and go for a Big Mag menu, besides their debit card or some dollars, must also bring a mask. You will not be able to enter McDonald’s without a face cap. The staff must also wear a face mask. This is due to the sharp increase in the number of new infections with the coronavirus. On Wednesday, the highest number of corona deaths since the end of May was counted in the United States. Nearly 150,000 Americans have died from the effects of the lung virus.

Many McDonald’s have already asked for a mask

Most US fast food chain establishments have already asked customers to wear masks, but now this applies to all McDonald’s businesses in the US. The company has more than 14,000 locations across the country. In addition, McDonald’s is delaying the reopening of dining areas in its restaurants by another 30 days and additional protective measures are being taken. It is not there to consume that Big Mac immediately. No, ordering, paying and taking it with you is the only option.

Also other large companies

Earlier, major US retail companies such as Walmart, Costco and Target and coffee chain Starbucks also announced that they would make face masks mandatory for customers in the United States.

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That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Photo: Getty Images / Pavlo Gonchar

The first McDonald’s the facility was in Shanghai with measures. There, customers had to disinfect their hands in early February and leave their contact details before they received their hamburger.

McDonald’s has bottomed out

The fast food chain suffered a lot in the past quarter from the corona measures that applied in many countries. Comparable sales were also hit severely, it was announced last week. During the quarter, recovery was visible and 96 percent of all McDonald’s stores worldwide were open again by the end of June.

Comparable sales, with McDonald’s looking at revenue from restaurants open in the past thirteen months, were nearly a quarter lower. In the United States, that decline was only 8.7 percent. The large amount of drive-thru restaurants in the US and the recent commitment to hamburger delivery meant that McDonald’s suffered relatively little damage in its home market.

The figures also show that the low point for the hamburger chain was in April.

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Face mask mandatory in all 14,000 McDonald’s in America


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