Facebook and Instagram let users hide political ads

Facebook already came up with that option for Americans last year, in light of their impending election. Now the option to regulate political advertising is available to users in a total of 98 countries, including the Netherlands.

The function is simple: every advertisement about political or social issues is labeled ‘about this advertisement’. A press on that label shows information about who paid for that advertisement, that function has been there for some time.

‘Show fewer ads on this topic’

New is the button ‘show fewer advertisements on this subject’. If users press on it, they will see less of those advertisements. How much less exactly does Facebook not let you know. The option can also be found in the ad preferences in the Facebook and Instagram settings.

Facebook shows on a help page which types of advertisements are covered by the new settings. “While political ads play an important role in every election, people have told us they want the ability to see less of it on their Facebook and Instagram feeds,” the company says of the new settings.


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