Facebook: ‘Apple distracts from its own privacy problems’

That says the social network in a statement seen by Bloomberg. The company is responding with measures from Apple, which means that apps must explicitly ask for permission to use user data for advertising.

Apple says this way to guarantee the privacy of users, but according to Facebook there is more to it. “They are using their dominant market position to give preference to their own data collection,” read a statement.

According to Facebook, Apple would also collect data on iPhones in a similar way, whereby the company does not have to follow its own policy. The measures for apps would be a way to cut off major competitors.

Apple also critical

Apple, in turn, is also critical of Facebook. “The Facebook summit has made it clear that they want to collect as much information as possible,” a statement said. “They want to use this to compile profiles to earn money. With more and more products of the company, the privacy of users is ignored in this way.”


Apple had previously wanted to add its privacy switch to iOS, but that led to criticism from Facebook, among others. Companies said it would take longer to integrate the option into their apps, after which Apple promised a delay.

Privacy activist Max Schrems this week filed suit against Apple with privacy regulators in two EU countries. According to Schrems, iPhones automatically store an ad tracking code without asking the user’s permission, which would go against European privacy laws.


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