Facebook at odds with Signal: what’s going on?

It is overhand between the social media platform Facebook and Signal, a competitor of Whatsapp. An advertisement is the basis of the dispute.

The ball started rolling on Tuesday. Then, in a blog post, Signal accused Facebook of removing one of its Facebook ads on Instagram. In that ad, Signal wanted to show how much data Instagram and the parent company Facebook collect from users. “In that ad, the user would only see part of the info that Facebook uses,” it says the blog to read.

An advertising stunt by Signal?

In the blog you can also see some examples of the advertisements. “You are receiving this ad because you Goth barista and single are. This ad used your location information to see that you are in Clinton Hill located. And you are either vegan or lactose intolerant and have a soft spot for it lately yogaAccording to one of the advertisements.

According to Signal, Facebook is not in favor of such ads and that’s why the company took the ad offline. “Being transparent about how ads use people’s data is apparently enough to get banned. In the world of Facebook, it’s only okay to do something if you hide it from your audience, ”he said.

According to Facebook, it is an advertising stunt by Signal and the chat application has never tried to publish such an ad on Instagram. “This is a stunt by Signal, which has never even tried to run these ads – and we haven’t shut down their ad account because they tried to do that,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a response to the US news channel on Thursday. CNBC.

A blocked account

“If Signal had tried to post the ads, some would have been declined because our advertising policy prohibits ads claiming you have a particular medical condition or sexual orientation, as Signal should know. But of course, placing the ads was never their goal – it was about getting publicity, ”the spokesman continued.

Signal responded on Twitter that it did want to run the ad campaigns on Instagram: “The ads were rejected, and Facebook has disabled the ad account,” the tweet said. The same tweets contain images of a blocked account.

According to the Facebook spokesperson, those screenshots date from March. “The account was then suspended for several days due to an unrelated payment issue,” he tweeted. “The ads themselves were never rejected because they were never set to run by Signal. The advertising account has been available since the beginning of March, and the ads that do not violate our policy have been able to run since then. ”


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