Facebook blocks a surprising number of user accounts

Due to a technical error, numerous Facebook accounts have been blocked for no reason in the past few days.

At the weekend, a technical error on Facebook caused frustration among many users. Members around the world received the following message when attempting to access their profile:

“Your Facebook account has been suspended for violating our community standards. This decision cannot be reversed.”

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Facebook fixes problem

As a user confirmed to the BBC, no explanation was given by Facebook if he was blocked. According to its own statements, the Facebook parent company Meta immediately investigated the matter. Via the micro-blogging service

Meta’s Andy Stone confirmed:

“We are aware that some users are experiencing issues accessing their Facebook accounts and we are working to fix them as soon as possible.”

Technical error on Facebook

It is not known how many users were affected by the surprise ban. According to Stone, only a smaller number of Facebook members were accidentally blocked. According to Stone, the reason for the ban was a technical error on Facebook. However, Stone did not provide any specific information. The affected users would not be responsible for the lock. Many of them have been inactive for months.


The deletion of a “nipple photo” by Facebook on April 27, 2021 has nothing to do with technical problems. Here you can read more about it.

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