Facebook introduces profiles – this is how it works

Facebook wants to enable users in the future to link up to five profiles with their Facebook account.

As the IT magazine Techcrunch reports this week, Facebook is currently testing the introduction of a new profile function. This feature should enable users to link up to five individual profiles with their Facebook account. In this way, profiles for different interest groups could be created, such as a profile for friends and one for work colleagues. Facebook is currently testing the new function with selected users.

Real names only required for the main profile

“To help users customize their experiences based on interests and relationships, we’re testing a way for users to associate more than one profile with a single Facebook account,”

explains Facebook to Techcrunch. Nothing changes in the rules of use. The main profile must still contain the real name of the user. With the different additional profiles, however, this is not a must. However, it remains forbidden to impersonate another person in one’s profile. If Facebook repeatedly finds violations in a profile, the entire account can be blocked.

Some features only available for main profile

Some Facebook features are still reserved for the main profile, such as creating pages or using Facebook Dating. With the launch of the new profile feature, Facebook is looking at ways to keep its users on the platform and encourage them to post more content. It is not yet known when the feature will be available to all users.

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