‘Facebook is going to sue Apple for privacy functions in iOS’

Facebook would broadly focus the lawsuit on Apple’s dominant position as owner of the App Store, The Information reports. Like Spotify and Epic Games, Facebook would like to complain about the rules that Apple can impose on every participant in the App Store, while those would not apply to Apple itself.

However, the pain at Facebook is in two new privacy rules for the App Store. From now on, apps must clearly show with a label which data they want from the user and what happens with that data. For Facebook’s apps, those labels are quite long, because the company collects a relatively large amount of data from users.

‘Facebook story not credible’

Data collection will also be made more difficult with an upcoming update to iOS. Then apps must from now on request permission to follow users between different apps and sites. Facebook would fear that many users will not give that consent, making it much more difficult for Facebook to follow users closely. And it is precisely in this way that Facebook earns a lot of money: with advertising that is specifically aimed at the person.

The lawsuit is not yet entirely certain, insiders say. There would be a lot of internal opposition to the case. Employees think that Facebook cannot be a victim of Apple enough, especially given the many privacy scandals surrounding Facebook in recent years.

Zuckerberg: ‘Apple now a major competitor’

Facebook has previously expressed support for Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also complained about Apple on Wednesday, during the announcement of the latest Facebook quarterly figures. Zuckerberg says he now sees Apple as one of its biggest competitors.

“Apple does say they are doing this to help people, but the steps clearly follow those of their competitors,” Apple says of Apple’s privacy stances.


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