Facebook Launches Campus Feature For Students: Corona Proof Social Life Online

Facebook has announced the new Facebook Campus feature in a press release. This is a new mode within the social network in which students will only see posts and groups from their own university. Facebook Campus will include its own Newsfeed, ways to find fellow students per subject and different chat rooms per university.


Facebook Campus will be a new part of the Facebook app. After the corona crisis, it will also be possible to create physical events for each university.

Students who wish to access the Facebook Campus of a particular university must submit their official university email address and their (preliminary) graduation year. Facebook then creates a special university profile for the user, on which students can add interests and courses they are taking. In this way, Facebook wants to make it easier for students to make friends in these times.

Back to the roots

Facebook Campus is currently being tested at thirty American universities. It is not yet known when the position will come to Belgian universities and colleges.

This Campus feature is very reminiscent of the start of Facebook in 2004. CEO Mark Zuckerberg founded the social network at the time as an online meeting place for students at the prestigious Harvard University. Back then the website was still called Thefacebook. A few years later, Facebook became accessible to the general public with an international monster success as a result.

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Zuckerberg questioned by US government


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by the US federal consumer protection agency in late August. That reports the news website Politico. It is an investigation into possible abuse of the dominant position of technology giants.

Facebook has not confirmed the news, but has said that top executives of the company are regularly heard in sessions of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). That committee is also responsible for competition control. “We are committed to partner with the FTC’s investigation and to answer any questions she might have,” said Facebook.

Some anonymous sources tell Politico that Zuckerberg’s questioning does not automatically mean that the agency will also prosecute Facebook for not respecting the competition.

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