Facebook launches ‘Shops’ feature to support smaller stores

Mark Zuckerberg has a new e-commerce showpiece. Facebook announced yesterday evening Facebook Shops On. A free webshop function that is in Facebook and Instagram and is mainly intended to support small shops and companies. This allows smaller shops to offer their products online for free.

Facebook works for its Shopsservice together with partners such as Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. These three companies are e-commerce platforms. The new feature will be rolled out with us from today and is completely free. The feature will also be available worldwide in the coming months.

Keep users on social media platforms

Facebook Shops will be found on a company’s Facebook page or Instagram profile. Stores also have the option to promote their goods through Stories or advertisements. Interested parties can view the entire collection of a brand via Facebook, store products and place an order.

source: Facebook

The intention of the new Shops-function is that users of the social media of Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook itself) do not have to leave the platform to make their purchase. With Facebook Shops stores can start loyalty programs where customers can save points and get discounts. The new feature also allows the seller to easily take advantage of coupons and other deals.

Immediately headwind

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
(source: ISOPIX)

Immediately after the news was announced, people initially reacted quite critically because Facebook does not have the best reputation for privacy. Mark Zuckerberg likely saw this coming, as he immediately published a privacy page in the new one Facebook Shops.

With Shops Zuckerberg mainly wants to compete with Amazon. Facebook has already made several attempts to get on the e-commerce train, but they have not really succeeded. Amazon has often been discredited in recent months due to its poor relationship with small sellers. All the more reason for Facebook to launch the new initiative.


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