Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg expects huge changes

  • Corona also changed a lot on Facebook. Suddenly, more than 90 percent of employees worked from home.
  • In an interview with “The Verge”, Mark Zuckerberg now drew a positive interim conclusion: “Some people thought that everything would fall apart. But that didn’t happen. ”The home office was more productive than expected.
  • Zuckerberg now anticipates that in ten years’ time, about every second Facebook employee will work in the home office.

So far, the big tech companies in Silicon Valley have not been known to be fans of home offices. On the contrary. They invested a lot of money in bringing their employees together in one place at company headquarters and large offices abroad.

For this, they afforded expensive construction projects. Just think of Apple with its circular building or Facebook with its hangar-sized buildings including gardens on the roof. Then came Corona and the request: stay at home! Home office ahead! Facebook suddenly had more than 90 percent working from home.

Facebook boss: In ten years, every second employee could be in the home office

“Some people thought that everything would fall apart,” now Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg recalled in an interview with the tech magazine “The Verge”. “But that didn’t happen.” Instead, Zuckerberg learned that home office works – and better than expected. So good that Facebook is likely to change enormously.

He expects about one in two Facebook employees to work in the home office in ten years, said Zuckerberg. Previously, he had announced on Twitter that all employees could continue to work from home even after the end of the crisis, if their duties permitted.

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Zuckerberg said that he was also more productive at home than expected. He must go to headquarters for meetings with business partners or government officials. In the future, however, he would also work more frequently outside the office.

Facebook survey: Every fifth employee wants to stay in the home office

An important question in the long run is how to maintain corporate culture, creativity and social contacts. At the same time, more people from different social strata could work for a company because fewer of them would have to move or commute.

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In a survey, one in five employees had spoken in favor of working permanently from home, and another 20 percent had shown some interest in it. For some of these 40 percent, that won’t work given their jobs – but he expects to hire more people in the coming years to work from home right from the start.

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