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Internet group Meta is expanding its reels on Facebook and Instagram with new functions.

Reels on Instagram and Facebook are getting several new features this week. New for both platforms is an “Add Yours” sticker for reels. The sticker allows users to reply to other members’ reels with their own reels. For example, an “Add Yours” sticker could prompt people to post videos of their favorite food. The feature is intended to prompt users to collaborate. All users who have followed a specific request are displayed on an overview page specially set up for this purpose. The “Add Yours” stickers have been available for Instagram stories since last fall.

Stars Program and Cross-Platform Reels

Meta is also opening up its Stars program to all creators on Facebook Reels. The feature allows creatives to sell virtual items. With their purchase, users then support their favorite influencers. With the current Reels update, it is now still possible to publish Reels to Instagram and Facebook at the same time in order to reach a larger target group.

Insights, Reels remix and automatic creation

In order to simplify the creation of reels and to motivate more users to publish reels, Meta is now introducing automatically generated Facebook reels. If desired, posts previously posted as stories can be converted into a reel here. In order to be able to better evaluate how well Reels are received by the followers, there are new insights for Facebook Reels in the Creator Studio. Range, viewing minutes and average viewing time are now also displayed here. The Reels remix should also provide more variety. This allows Facebook reels to be reshuffled one after the other if desired.

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