Facebook test function to automatically make Instagram Stories appear on Facebook

Chances are that Stories you post on Instagram will soon also automatically appear on your Facebook account. Facebook is currently testing that function with a limited number of people. Users could choose to turn off that option.

Facebook has been trying to make Stories more popular on its app for some time now. On Instagram – which is also owned by Marc Zuckerberg – the feature is used a lot, but much less on Facebook. A new update should try to change that soon.

Facebook response

A small group of users is testing the function to automatically make Stories posted on Instagram also appear on Facebook. Facebook confirmed the test.

“We’re testing a new feature that allows people to view stories from Instagram on Facebook, making it easier to view moments of people you care about, no matter what app you’re using. To see Instagram Stories on Facebook, people must have their accounts linked. This function respects all privacy settings and people on Instagram can choose not to make their story visible on Facebook ”, it sounds in the social medium.

Test period

The statement from Facebook shows that there are some conditions for your Instagram Stories to be visible on your Facebook account. Users can decide for themselves whether to activate the option or not. In addition, only people who follow you on both apps can see the Stories.

At the moment it is still only a small test. It is therefore not at all certain whether the function will actually be realized, and in what form it will be.


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