Facebook wants to compete with the new Twitch app

Stream smartphone games

The app should also encourage people to produce videos themselves. So you can easily stream games that you can on the app Smartphone installed. The streams are then displayed on the user’s Facebook page. With this function is Facebook currently alone in the streaming market. To play mobile games on Twitch or YouTube to stream, gamers need her Smartphone first to one computer connect.

In addition, one hopes that users will pay more attention when watching streams via an app because Smartphone then can’t be used for anything else, said Facebook Gaming Vice President Vivek Sharma to the New York Times. In groups for the individual games and streamers, fans can connect with like-minded people. Next Streaming Facebook’s own gaming offer can also be accessed. Numerous casual games are offered here.

Actually you want Facebook the offer does not start until June. Accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic Facebook the process after the game industry boomed. With that wants Facebook the competitor Twitch, YouTube and move the mixer a little closer. The app is currently only in the Google Play Store for Android available. A version for iPad and iPhone should also be available soon.


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