Faced with demand, Musk puts pressure on Tesla’s teams

In a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are brands that have not experienced the crisis. This is the case of Tesla which meets a demand higher than its production rate.

Like every end of the year, the boss of Tesla mobilizes his teams to meet the goals. In an internal email relayed by Electrek, Elon Musk calls for a new effort from all employees in charge of production to achieve 181,000 vehicle deliveries this quarter to meet the target. An ambitious plan given that the aim is to deliver 40,000 more vehicles than the previous quarterly record.

“We are lucky to have a problem of the rich with significantly higher demand than production this quarter”, Musk wrote. “To make sure we have the best possible outcome and earn the trust of customers and investors who have placed their faith and hard-earned money in us, we need to increase production as much as possible for the remainder of this quarter. “

This boost in production seems to be really close to the billionaire’s heart, who specifies at the end of the email that he would not send such a request. “If it wasn’t really important”. He also states that he remains attentive to his employees for any suggestion to improve the processes in place.


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