Failing to drift: New Ford Mustang GT sunk in the river!

Poser sinks Mustang in the river!

He had just bought the V8 sled, wanted to show off a bit in front of his friends. But a small drift turned into a major catastrophe.

Es sounds like a collection of clichés – all packed into a story. A young man from Canada had just bought a new car. A Ford Mustang GT of the current series. A really thick cart with a V8 engine, five liters of displacement and 450 hp. Painted in the popular special color “Need for Green”. And now he wanted to present this dream car to his buddies. As often, the friends met at the Tim Hortons fast food restaurant in Cranbrook in the Canadian province of British Columbia to eat and pose with their cars. This time, the Mustang, which had only been bought three days earlier, was to become the attraction, and the young and proud owner put a few drifts in the parking lot to convince the audience of his new vehicle. Unfortunately, a good horsepower should ideally include a good driver. But apparently that was not the case here and so the Mustang driver lost control of the US coupe, slid down an embankment and finally landed in an adjacent river.

From new car to total loss in a few minutes

Bad sight: Especially the front of the Mustang is badly damaged. The stern is in the water.

Fortunately, according to Carscoops, who relies on a witness from the Mustang driver’s circle of friends, nobody was injured. In addition to the certainly badly battered ego des Posers, the accident car that got stuck in the riverbed and could only be released from the water after a few hours was badly affected. Not only the body of the roughly 50,000 euro speedster was badly damaged in the nonsense campaign, the resulting wet damage should also make the Mustang an economic total loss. However, clear information on this is not known. One thing is certain: for the young autoposer, this show-off was quite expensive. And: It will not be the last Mustang crash that we report on.


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