Failure on Spotify and Discord – that was the reason

The music and gaming services Spotify and Discord struggled with outages on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Tuesday evening (German time), both the music streaming service Spotify and the gaming service Discord had to deal with massive outages. Numerous users could not connect to the offers.

problems in the afternoon

In the course of the evening

confirmed Discord
that the service has restarted. A new problem then caused the API to fail. Spotify also got in touch during the outage

speaking via Twitter
. The company confirmed that it is investigating the issue. An hour later, Spotify gave the all-clear. Many users were online again. Shortly thereafter, Discord also confirmed that work on restoring the service had begun. Discord was restored later that evening.

Error on Google Cloud

According to the operators, the disruption was due to a faulty Google Cloud component that the company had to bypass. Google itself published a case study explaining the sudden problems with a buggy update of the Traffic Director component. Reverting to a previous working version eventually fixed Spotify, Discord, and other Google Cloud customers. Google apologized to those affected and intends to submit a detailed error report in the next few days.

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