Fairy Tail: Koei Tecmo presents content of the Guild Box

Actually should Fairy tail be available in stores within a month. Due to the current corona virus pandemic and all its effects, the release has been postponed for another month. But that shouldn’t be a reason to be sad.

Koei Tecmo shows you the contents of the Guild Box in a new video. In addition to a physical version of the game, the box contains a B2-size fabric poster, three different 3D cards, a sticker set and a special edition of Sorcerer Magazine (in Japanese).

The Fairy Tail story

The in-game story will start at about half of the known storyline. Koei Tecmo narrowed this down to the popular “Tenrou Island” arch to the “Tartaros” arch. So you want to make sure that the game comes up with many characters and advanced developments such as techniques and spells. Furthermore, the narrative starts at a point where the guild has a serious problem. The players therefore get a new start, but have the rough connections already in place.

Fairy Tail should now be released on July 30, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC-Steam. You can pre-order Fairy Tail from Amazon *. If you buy the physical version within a limited time after publication, you can unlock a special costume for Erza.

Images: Fairy Tail, Koei Tecmo / Gust


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