Fake puppy shop in demand with at least 200 orders | Money

The animal welfare organization placed an advertisement on Marktplaats a few days ago, as many so-called bread breeding traders do. Then they referred to their website with endearing photos of purebred dogs looking for an owner. It was visited at least 15,000 times.

House of Animals hopes that the awareness campaign will stop Marktplaats from facilitating this dog trade. “Marktplaats is an important link in this trade,” says Karen Soeters, founder of House of Animals.

Puppy factories

Since the corona crisis, many people have been looking for a puppy. Bread breeders are responding to this by importing dogs from Hungarian puppy factories, among others. These animals are often sick, traumatized, not properly vaccinated and taken from the mother too early, the organization says.

“Despite warnings, people buy puppies from bread-breeding dealers,” says Soeters. “With PuppyExpress, we show exactly how bread breeding traders operate.”

Instead of a puppy, orderers are sent information about illegal dog trade, according to the animal welfare organization. He hopes that people will avoid bread breeders when they buy a dog.


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