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Fall asleep in 2 minutes ─ this technique works for soldiers

Sleep in extreme conditions

Evidence suggests that bad sleeping habits are jeopardizing our health, relationships, and even our jobs. So if you have trouble sleeping, it’s time to get back to basics in the military style.

Special units deployed in the most dangerous operations of the U.S. military have to sleep whenever they can and are often faced with extreme sleep deprivation to accomplish their missions. Whether you are a new parent, have a stressful job, or have to deal with a difficult situation, there is a lot you can learn from these experts.

To get a feel for how to sleep like a champion even in the worst of situations, we considered special sleep techniques and interviewed a former Navy SEAL who trains professional athletes, firefighters, and tactical police teams to help them maximize their performance.

“There is no harder job out there than being a mother or a father, regardless of whether you work or stay at home,” explains Adam La Reau, who served as Navy SEAL for twelve years and is a co-founder of O2X Human Performance , a company that trains and advises people from the Chicago Blackhawks to the Boston Fire Department. “There is definitely a sleep deficit that can occur over time.”

Adam La Reau

Adam La Reau spent twelve years with the Navy SEALs and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He co-founded O2x in 2013 along with other SEALs.
Courtesy Adam La Reau

Small changes in the sleep routine that La Reau called “one percent change” in a phone interview on March 19 will greatly improve your sleep.

These are the basics of the sleep boot camp.

U.S. Navy


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