Fall of the Berlin Wall, German reunification: Trabant, Wartburg and other GDR cars

Always in autumn to the Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, the Ostalgie overcomes us, we think back to the variety of automobiles of that time. Whether German cars from the 80s or the cars from the east of Germany: several decades later Fall of the wall has the look at the Cars of the GDR changes. While Eastern cars were quickly discredited as technically obsolete memories of unfree times in the immediate aftermath of reunification, they are now recognized as recognized classic. Trabant, Wartburg and Barkas enjoy cult status – some models have even become really expensive, such as the Wartburg 311 Coupé. A look back makes it clear: The GDR had a colorful and rich variety of cars to offer! The system comparison is also interesting, because Wartburg and Golf 1 were on the road in the GDR at the same time.
Anniversary of German reunification: the cars of the GDR

The Wartburg 353 was popular in the GDR, hard to come by and even more expensive than the Trabi.

Trabant and Wartburg can be found mainly in the new federal states, even if you want to buy one. Before the turn became the Trabi loved, hated, cared for, often completely renewed, renovated and mended. But after that November 9, 1989 it was thrown away thousands of times. Nevertheless: the robust one Two-stroke (shortly before the turnaround with the VW four-stroke from the Polo) is still a household name today. Also the Wartburg continues in the collective consciousness. Other GDR cars, on the other hand, were forgotten. Barkas? IFA? Robur? For many Wessis these are completely unknown brands.

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This included the Car world of the GDR Many facets and products: In the 1950s, the GDR was still fat BMW– and EMW carriage built, IFA F8 and F9, the Trabant forerunner EEZ P70 and the beautiful one War castle 311. Even silky soft whispering ones Six-cylinder the GDR had to offer. Before the first Trabis rolled out of the former Horch works in Zwickau in 1957, a modern representative limousine was built there, which at the time did not have to hide behind Mercedes or BMW: the Sachsenring P 240.
Anniversary of German reunification: the cars of the GDR

Luxury limousine from GDR production: the Sachsenring P 240, built from 1956 to 1959.

The 80 hp P 240 was technically and optically up to date. But luxury cars were not wanted in the GDR: the scarce resources were to be used to build vehicles closer to the people. They also brought Soviets even limousines for the sophisticated taste in the GDR: GAZ M 21 and the successor GAZ M 24, both known as Volga. Among the privileged who were allowed to drive a Volga, in addition to the political elite, was the People’s Police. But there was also a chance for ordinary citizens of the GDR to ride in a Volga – in the taxi. AUTO BILD KLASSIK shows the colorful car world of the GDR!

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On the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall: these are the cars of the GDR

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