Family dinner presenter Bert van Leeuwen again became a grandfather

Bert has become a grandfather again. The daughter of the The Family Dinnerpresenter gave birth to a daughter. Pauline shares the birth of her daughter Luna Kate on Instagram. “Lymée is so proud of her sister,” she writes with an adorable photo of her oldest child with her youngest. Pauline is flooded with congratulations. This also applies to her sister-in-law Romee Strijd, who shares the moment with her own followers in her Instagram Stories.

Pauline and Romee were pregnant for a while at the same time and also captured the moment for their followers. ‘So special to be able to share this for a while,’ wrote Bert’s daughter with the snapshot. Romee is married to Laurens, Bert’s son. The two are expecting their first child together soon.

Rome and Laurens’ pregnancy was not without a struggle, they said. It Victoria’s Secretmodel shared on Instagram that she had not had her period for seven years and was probably not able to bear a baby. In the end it worked out. The two previously spoke candidly about their big dream to become parents. You can see it in the video below.


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