Family Lifetime Plan with 2 TB cheaper – Save on pCloud

pCloud, the Swiss cloud provider with a focus on data protection, is currently offering its family storage plan with 2 TB for 500 euros – of course, as always, with a one-off payment!

The tech giants of our time have understood how to ask customers to pay in the long term with subscription models and confused restrictions. But pCloud, a Swiss cloud provider, is putting an end to this: Instead of monthly fees, the focus is on a one-time purchase – pay once, use forever!

Attention families and friends!

The family license with 2 TB and up to 5 members is currently reduced and only costs 500 euros once. That’s only 100 euros per person for lifetime access to effectively 400 GB of cloud storage.

For you and your cloud friends: pCloud Family Lifetime cheaper (2 TB & 5 members)

The features of pCloud

Just because you rely on a one-time payment doesn’t mean you have to do without useful features. pCloud can consistently hold its own against the long-established providers:

  • Broadly positioned

    : If you are a power user when it comes to cloud, you will not only be happy about a comprehensive web interface, but also appreciate native desktop and mobile applications. Such apps are available for all common operating systems, as are browser extensions.

  • Top file management

    : As a cloud user, you are almost dependent on file shares, with pCloud you can even measure the data traffic of the public or private link shares. Files can be found and sorted very quickly using intelligent searches.

  • Historically interested

    : A recycle bin that can be used to restore deleted files is no longer anything special with cloud services. With pCloud, however, you can completely restore data from days gone by. The so-called rewind function is an absolute unique selling point.

  • computer backup

    : Since no backup is no solution, many people still use external hard drives to back up data. With pCloud, it only takes a few clicks and an online backup of the entire internal disk is created

Not just empty words: privacy and security

Anyone who uses a cloud gives their sensitive data to strangers. However, this leap of faith should not be abused by the providers. The Swiss cloud company is doing its utmost to live up to the self-awarded title of “Europe’s most secure cloud storage”:

  • High server security

    : Due to constant controls and risk assessments, the data centers in Texas and Luxembourg meet above-average standards.

  • Protected against data loss

    : To ensure availability and make loss virtually impossible, your files are mirrored and stored in different locations. To prevent physical damage to the server, pCloud relies on numerous alarm systems and 24/7 surveillance.

  • Swiss data protection

    : Since pCloud is bound by local legislation, you have a few things to consider – good for you as a user. When it comes to data protection in particular, the Swiss Code of Laws is one of the strictest in the world. GDPR compliance is a matter of course.

  • Client-side encryption

    : With “pCloud Encryption” you get a separate folder that is protected with a password and can therefore only be opened by the user himself. pCloud states that this folder is zero-knowledge.

The deal for the family: lifetime cloud with 2 TB for 5 members only 500 euros

Anyone who decides in favor of a cloud in the long term and would like to share the costs with friends or family can save money with pCloud:

Family Lifetime with 2 TB and 5 members: only 500 instead of 1400 euros

Each user of the family plan effectively only pays 100 euros for 400 GB of storage – once!

If you compare this to other cloud services that charge at least 10 euros per month for a 2 TB plan, pCloud is “paid off” after just a few years – the advantage: you actually own the cloud!

Save together: pCloud Family Lifetime cheaper (2 TB & 5 members)

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