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Family recipe: my first satay | Lifestyle

This week’s family recipe comes from Reny van Beek: homemade satay.

Saté, that took some getting used to. At least, for Reny van Beek. Until Austria. “About 50 years ago, when we had only heard of canned noodles and nasi, we were invited by friends to eat satay, just one evening at 8 pm. They had a bakery / grocery shop in our small village of Terschuur. Just bake in the frying pan with homemade baguette, delicious!

Since then I still make it according to that recipe, at the beginning when we had visitors and then especially with the family barbecue, still.

We even took the ingredients to the guest house in Austria where you also had a barbecue with all guests, especially German. They had never heard of it! It was great that they found it! ”

Recipe for a cozy table full of saté Babi:

500 gr Pork from the hare

20 gr Boemboe satay powder, ½ tsp sambal

Salt and pepper, 4 tbsp katjap manis.

For the satay sauce:

500 gr Calvé peanut butter, 1 dl Ketjap manis, ½ tsp Sambal, ½ l milk, a little garlic powder, onion powder and brown sugar.

Juice of 1 lemon, 20 gr saté powder and 1 tbsp tomato ketchup.

Cubed meat and marinate for a long time in bumbu saté powder, soy sauce and sambal. Then string on chopsticks. For the sauce, start with milk and soy sauce and finally add the peanut butter little by little and heat slowly.


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