Famke Louise thinks about third documentary: ‘Want to show a different image’

When one of her fans asks during a question round whether there will be a third documentary, Famke indicates via her Instagram Stories that she is certainly open to this. ‘I am sorry that I was so depressed in my previous documentary. Especially because I had a negative attitude at the time ‘, she replies about Famke Next. The singer also indicates that she does not like to watch the documentary. ‘I hope that in the future I can show a different image of myself.’

From the previous documentary it became clear that Famke is more than the ‘Op Me Monnie’ singer. In the second part of the series, for example, she talks candidly about the abuse of her then boyfriend, with whom she moved in at the age of 16 after the death of her father.

The break with manager Ali B also plays a role in the series. Where Famke broke with Bizzey in her first documentary, she broke with Ali B and his management agency SPEC during this documentary. Just before #ikdoenietmeermee, she decided to choose eggs for her money and make her own career decisions.

Both Famke Louise as Famke Next can be seen at Videoland.


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