Fan builds LEGO brick with ARM chip and OLED display

A hobbyist has placed a microcontroller and an OLED screen in a tiny LEGO brick.

Anyone who dealt with LEGO bricks a lot in their childhood will surely be familiar with the 2×2 studded block with a slanted front. In addition to roof structures, this block could also be used as a simple computer terminal. However, this impression only had to be maintained with a corresponding imprint with buttons and screen. The inventor James Brown did not want to accept this: he placed a real computer with an OLED screen in the 2×2 knob block.

Mini computer with lines of code

The result is a blue transparent LEGO brick that displays scrolling text behind the plastic. In addition to a small OLED screen, the hobbyist has also integrated an ARM-based microcontroller. If the stone is placed on an electrically conductive element, the computer starts and displays several lines of text.

Rebuild possible soon

The stone is based on an ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller with 4K RAM. This drives the 0.42-inch OLED display. The resolution of the screen is only 72 x 40 pixels, but the result is still impressive. The LEGO brick was 3D printed by Brown.

On twitter
the hobbyist shows his result.

Such a stone would be particularly suitable for the construction of space stations or futuristic vehicles. However, Brown has not yet published the blueprints for the new LEGO brick due to an error in the circuit board. Accordingly, a conversion is necessary first. In the near future, however, interested hobbyists will be able to recreate the stone without any problems.

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