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Fan of WIDM? Then the De Verraders program is for you

In The Traitors Eighteen well-known Dutch people come together in an atmospheric castle in South Limburg for an exciting game in which they can win a great silver treasure together. However, three of them do not want to share the treasure and become traitors. They do everything they can to go home with the loot themselves, pit the group against each other and ‘kill’ a fellow candidate every night.

Fear, division and suspicion are the result. The remaining participants – the faithful – try to fend off by exposing the traitors and, in the daily recurring ‘Council’, voting them out before it is too late. But are they on the right track and are they able to vote out the traitors? In eight episodes you can see how the participants experience this psychological adventure and who eventually run off with the loot.

The psychological battle between the traitors and the faithful continues 24 hours a day. Every day there is a short truce in which all remaining participants together carry out a mission in which as much silver as possible must be won.

Only a few participants make it to the final. In the final episode, they face a devilish dilemma when they have to determine how to distribute the silver they have won. “Super exciting!” Said Tijl Beckand, who is presenting the The Traitors takes on.

The viewers don’t have to guess who the three traitors are. You can already see that in the first episode. “With that knowledge you look in a completely new way at human behavior, at dirty games, at cunning tactics and false accusations and you experience the game in several layers at the same time,” says Tijl.

Although he now has a lot of TV minutes on his resume, this program is completely different in terms of tension and emotion. “After two shooting days, a lot of participants were completely devastated because of the big mindfuck that this program brings about.”

The Traitors can be seen from Saturday 13 March at 9.30 pm on RTL 4.


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