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Fans could still be at André Hazes’ birthday last night

This year André Hazes would have turned 70. Normally, halls full of people would come together for an evening of music, beer and socializing. Of course, such a party could not take place due to corona, but anything is possible online. So many artists ‘came together’ to put on a spectacular evening for the fans.

No fewer than 19 artists took part in the concert, including Tino Martin, Xander de Buisonjé, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Willeke Alberti, Lil ‘Kleine and OG3NE. Via a livestream people could sing along for a round (or all rounds) at home. Rachel herself thought it was very special to see everyone come together for her Dré’s birthday.

Show for André Hazes ‘amazing’

Rachel calls the show “insane”, in a retrospect on Instagram. “So sweet darling, you have this one in your name again … !!! We worked day and night for you for weeks, but what a wonderful evening we gave the people at home. ”

“But Dré not only do I miss you every moment of the day, but the people at home also miss you so intensely and that is the only reason why I think it is so important to still be able to share a lot of you with the public .. !! ! ”

The wax figure of the singer sat in the hall especially for the concert. “So that you could be present at the party what the artists wanted to give you this evening .. !!! Well dear, I look up proudly again and give you that hand kiss from the beautiful place in my heart where you are still deep… !!! ”

‘Pub atmosphere’

Fans are also very enthusiastic on Twitter. During the big party people already went to the social medium to do a kind of live report of the different artists. Lil ‘Kleine, for example, was not very popular: “Well, Lil thanks for your contribution, plane is ready for you to fly back.”

But in general, fans say they mostly enjoyed the “pub atmosphere”. And the OG3NE sisters can count on a lot of praise. “Sisters OG3NE, even if they sing the phone book it is still beautiful.”

But all the beauty comes to an end, the music lovers also found out. And that end came just a little too soon: “Can we post an hour?”

This is how the penultimate episode of Wie is de Mol?

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Fans could still be at André Hazes’ birthday last night


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