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Fans enjoy hilarious new assignments Wie Is De Mol?

Almost 3 million people saw on Saturday evening how Splinter, Renée, Marije, Charlotte and Rocky tried to find out who that mole is. The new assignments that the candidates of the program Who is the mole? dished up made for hilarious television and online WIDM fans fully enjoy the wonderful broadcast. Subway list the best reactions for you and believe us there are a lot!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the Saturday night episode yet, but wants to watch it back, spoilers will follow later in the story. The first assignment of the episode took place in some old and abandoned industrial estate. The candidates had to split into two groups. The first group, consisting of Marije, Rocky and Charlotte, went into a mine to chop numbers out of pieces of stone. They had to pass these numbers on to Renée and Splinter by postage.

Imitation talent Splinter and Charlotte

The duo in turn found themselves in a factory hall with a locker space and a hall full of clothing. The numbers communicated from the mine corresponded to lockers. These lockers contained items of clothing that had to be hoisted up in the factory hall. The set-up of the assignment made it possible to grind with some ease, and that happened in abundance, because the candidates barely managed to raise a few hundred euros. Despite that, the assignment caused a lot of hilarity.

If you already thought this assignment was funny, just wait and see the responses to the next assignment! The three candidates had to act out the same song at the same time, while two other candidates had to guess which songs it was. The creative side of many participants emerged. Such was the ‘men’ impersonation of Charlotte for the song It’s Raining Men hilarious and Splinter also has a combination of dance talent and imitation talent.

Dutch language

And the last assignment was also appreciated by the WIDM fans. The candidates had to collect boxes with words on them with jeeps and then place them in such a way that correct sentences were created. Ultimately, the Dutch language turned out to be quite tough. Not much money was made with this assignment either.

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Fans enjoy hilarious new assignments Wie Is De Mol?


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