Fans quit Pokémon Red on Twitter despite sabotage by Team Rocket

In January Constantin started “Screenshakes” Liétard on Twitter a special project. Pokémon fans were able to play Pokémon Red Edition through their Twitter profile picture. Sounds crazy, but it really worked.

Players could respond to this tweet with their desired commands. Commands like “Up”, “Right” or “A” had the corresponding, obvious effect. The most requested command of the last 15 seconds was then sent to the game by programming. The current screenshot was taken and then appeared as Liétard’s new avatar.

90,000 commands later you have reached your goal

After just a few days, Twitter players had jointly beaten arena manager Misty. And after more than a month and over 90,000 orders, the “top four” were beaten together and Mewtwo captured. The “herd” was able to come to an agreement, a great many players had ultimately successfully controlled a character and navigated through menu items using countless different commands.

Of course, the idea wasn’t entirely new. Some of you may still remember “Twitch Plays Pokémon”, which worked in a very similar way and received the commands in the chat of the Twitch stream. The “social experiment” even has its own Wikipedia entry. Observers are still unsure whether it was really a social experiment.

But Björn Balg was not wrong in a Eurogamer article when he wrote: “Even in the anonymity of the Internet, which normally drives people to their worst behavior, a group of sheer strangers came together who made the right decisions together.”

Team Rocket attacked in the meantime

But this time it was not entirely without bad behavior. In the style of Pokémon, there has been sabotage in the meantime a grouping, which Team Rocket called. The collective attacked the night most of the players were asleep. The best and most well-trained Pokémon were released through masses of coordinated commands. Only Kadabra remained. That was really close.

You can watch a recording of the game in time-lapse on YouTube. If you have the time and patience, set the speed to 0.25 and you can see the run at about normal speed!

Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Unlike the Zelda series (so far), Pokémon didn’t leave us alone with the party. There was a lot of news at Pokémon Presents. Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be released worldwide for Nintendo Switch at the beginning of next year. The game is said to offer a “new approach” to the Pokémon series.

The fourth generation remake, longed for by many fans, was also announced. In Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you end up in Sinnoh once more, but this time with a completely redesigned look. On top of that, there was a new trailer for New Pokémon Snap, which will be released on April 30th.

Images: Pokémon Red and Blue Edition, Nintendo


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