Farewell to classic 3DS: Nintendo Japan discontinues repair service

Owners of a Nintendo 3DS in Japan will soon no longer be able to send in their defective devices. Nintendo has announced that it will discontinue the repair service for the classic Nintendo 3DS and the XL variant after March 31, 2021. The reason for this are the spare parts, which are now difficult to get.

A good ten years after the publication of the 3DS, this era is coming to an end, as no more new models are being produced either. The service for the newer models New Nintendo 3DS and XL, Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL will continue to exist.

Time to switch to Nintendo Switch

If you want to continue to enjoy games from Nintendo, you should reorient yourself to the Switch. The hybrid console, which recently celebrated its fourth birthday, has already overtaken the 3DS in terms of sales. In the meantime, one can even be optimistic that the Switch will one day also reach the number of sold units of the popular Nintendo Wii. Otherwise, we can only hope that your own 3DS will last as long as possible.

via Kotaku, images: Nintendo


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