Farmer Aad is happily in love eight years after a dramatic stay

During his participation, Aad was quickly nicknamed Dict-aad. This had everything to do with his very structured lifestyle, but it was especially his sleepover week that left fans on the edge of their seats. Aad was out very quickly and could no longer keep his feelings to himself. He had fallen for Jeannet and then sent Ina and eventually Linda home.

But Ina’s departure was not without a struggle. “You are not doing well. You’re making a really big mistake, ”she told Aad. “Incomprehensible. Jeannet is really not loving. ” It turns out that he made the wrong choice, because Aad and Jeannet’s relationship turned out to be short-lived.

In the upcoming special of farmer seeks wife it appears that the relationship has ended and that Aad has started sniffing through the letters again. Now he has had a stable relationship with Ingrid for five years. “I felt that it was mutual. So even before we had spoken in person. He looked at me, I looked at him, and thought: This is good. From that moment on we continued to see each other, ”she says in a preview of Sunday’s episode.

Farmer Seeking Woman Special can be seen on NPO 1 on Sunday evening at 8:20 PM


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