Fast charging for e-cars: Fastned is planning dozens of new charging points

To promote electromobility, the federal government has put out to tender the construction of 1,000 charging points for fast charging of e-cars by 2023. In this context, the Dutch provider Fastned has announced that it is expanding strongly in Germany: Fastned is planning charging stations with dozens of fast charging points along the highways. The announcement is a declaration of war on the quasi-monopoly Tank & Rast, which operates almost all service stations in Germany.

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Fastned already operates 19 charging stations in Germany and 137 across Europe. The provider is the largest operator of fast charging stations in its home market. In addition to charging e-cars, the focus of the expansion plans is on the convenience of travelers: the charging points should be roofed over and look like modern petrol stations. The Dutch want to score points with electric car drivers with sanitary facilities and attractive shops. Because, in the opinion of Fastned boss Michiel Langezaal, the locations of previous rest stops could not be expanded at will, Fastned is considering new locations for the fast charging points – and is demanding access to properties close to the motorway.

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