Fast charging in the city: Tesla and EnBW are opening their first locations, with more to follow

For a long time, the infrastructure for fast charging of electric cars in Germany consisted mainly of Tesla’s superchargers – it is only in the recent past that energy providers and pure charging operators have also started setting up high-performance stations. So far, both Tesla and the others have focused on locations on highways. This week, however, Tesla opened its first city supercharger in Germany in Berlin and EnBW opened its first “urban” fast charging park on the same day – and both of them have even more plans.

Tesla takes the step into the city

In the beginning, Tesla simply had to ensure that the drivers of its electric cars can quickly recharge on long journeys, explained a manager on Thursday at the opening of the Berlin V3 Supercharger. This is now largely guaranteed – Germany as a transit country is even somewhat oversupplied compared to its own Tesla fleet. Now Tesla is taking the next step to make electric driving even easier for customers.

The city location in Berlin is just the beginning, said a Tesla representative in a speech at the opening. This supercharger model is currently being tested in other European cities as well, in addition to Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid. Munich was named as another possible urban charging station for Tesla in Germany. Electric car charging must be convenient, abundant and reliable, the Tesla manager said.

At the Supercharger meeting in Berlin, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier was even present, who said he was pleased that Tesla was becoming a German brand with the Gigafactory near Berlin. In Stuttgart, EnBW, an inherently German company, received a visit from Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann on a very similar occasion: The energy supplier also opened a first fast charging park in the city, which with 300 kilowatts is even slightly more powerful as Tesla’s new V3 supercharger with 250 kilowatts.

Prelude to more electric car comfort

The EnBW location is between the university and the pedestrian zone and thus, like that of Tesla in Berlin, close to the center. And just like Tesla, the German supplier, which is also building a fast charging network on highways and offering a charging card for other stations besides the expensive ones from Ionity, has even more plans in urban areas: After Stuttgart, 15 other larger cities are to be added Home state follow.

The fast charging park in Stuttgart is “a unique offer in Germany”, writes EnBW in a press release. In view of the opening in Berlin on the same day, this is not an exaggeration if you do not take into account superchargers because they can only be used for Tesla electric cars. Either way, however, Thursday of this week could have been a double prelude to more comfort for electric car drivers in Germany.


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