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The Mastercard Innovation Forum 2021 (MIF) will take place on Thursday 11 November at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Topics that will be discussed are the biggest payment challenges in the current post-pandemic era, open banking, innovations such as the digital debit card, Click to Pay and OVpay, sustainability and much more. RTL Z broadcasts various broadcasts from the event during the day.

In this first episode, Frederique Dormaar speaks with Willem-Jan van der Schoot of Mastercard and Ewout Brouwers of online supermarket Picnic about faster, easier and yet secure online payments.

Because of corona we started buying even more online than we already did. But the online payment process often still consists of many different and not always smooth steps. In the Picnic app, payment has recently become much faster and easier, here you pay for your groceries without an intermediate step via your bank.

But who benefits from this: only retailers or does the consumer want this too? And what is the role of the banks in this?

This video is made possible in part by Mastercard.

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