Faster refueling: pay at the petrol pump using the Smar Watch

No more queuing: Owners of an Android Smart Watch or Apple Watch can now get back in and continue driving immediately after refueling. Because with a new app you can pay for refueling via smart watch or mobile phone. There is no queuing in the sales room, swiping of the card or typing in the PIN. Not only is it convenient, it also saves time. PACE Telematics from Karlsruhe was the first provider in Europe to develop this function and put it on the road.

Clever refueling


Fuel price check accurate to the minute

This is the price of fuel at petrol stations in the area!

In co-operation with

Also works with the smartphone

And this is how it works: The PACE Drive app is available free of charge in the App Store and Playstore. Once it is saved on the smartphone, you can start. If you approach a petrol station, you will receive a message on the app as to whether the station in question is participating in the service. Now you just choose your gas pump, confirm the payment and you’re ready to go again. The invoice will be sent later by email.
Even those who do not use a Smart or Apple Watch can use their smartphone to make cashless and time-saving payments directly at the pump in the same way. Payment via PayPal is also possible with the app. Around 3,000 filling stations in seven countries are currently participating in connected fueling. In Germany there are 1,500, which corresponds to a market share of a little over ten percent with a network of around 14,500 stations.

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