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Fat bellies are more at risk from contamination, hip fat less risky

If you have a big belly, you need to be extra careful with corona, researchers say. Hip fat, on the other hand, is not that bad.

We’ve been hearing it since the outbreak: obese people are at extra risk of corona. However, not everyone who is overweight runs an extra risk when infected with Covid-19, according to recent research in Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland. And it is really not the case that with those few almost inevitable extra corona silos you now have to be extra afraid.

Fat belly corona infection

What is risky: a large waist circumference. We are not talking about a small welfare slash corona belly here, but about a large belly. Less important is fat around the hips. “The location of the fat is important for the risk of an unfavorable course with Covid-19,” says physician researcher Cathelijne van Zelst. An extra motivation to get rid of your stomach in the new year. Although it can sometimes be quite useful, viewers noted during the dating program yesterday Long Live Love.

Investigate obesity

Van Zelst, together with trainee doctor Thijs Janssen, coordinated an investigation into obesity in Covid-19. Both work in the department of Pulmonary Medicine of Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland as a medical researcher.

They followed 86 patients with Covid-19 from the time they got to the emergency room. They measured the circumference of the abdomen and hip for everyone. The ratio of the two tells whether there is too much fat in the abdomen. Of this group, 31 patients developed serious problems with their lungs: they were then given a lot of oxygen or were admitted to the ICU. The researchers compared the abdominal circumference of this group with the patients who had a milder course of the infection.


“A big belly makes your chances worse if you get Covid-19,” says Janssen. “It is an independent risk, regardless of age, gender, or other illnesses, such as metabolic syndrome.” The researchers also looked at other symptoms of a bad lifestyle, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, but the girth in particular appears to be a good indication of the risk with Covid-19.

β€œEating less and exercising more is always a good idea. Especially in these times of corona, a healthy lifestyle is a good intention ”, Janssen continues. “This pandemic shows how important that is.”

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Their findings have been published in the scientific journal BMJ Open Respiratory Research.

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Fat bellies are more at risk from corona infection, hip fat less risky


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