Father Britney: ‘If she does not want a curator, she must submit a request’

Although Dad would prefer the 39-year-old singer not to need a curator, he says that is up to his daughter. “Whether or not the supervision will end depends on Britney. If she wants to end that, she can submit a request,” said his lawyer.

Britney does want to get rid of her father’s curatorship, according to court documents. For example, she filed a request to hold an independent company accountable for its personal and financial decisions. Jamie will remain her curator at least until September.

Many fans have been campaigning for the ‘freedom’ of their idol for years under the hashtag #FreeBritney. A few of these activists were also seen in the much-discussed documentary last month Framing Britney Spears In which, among other things, the curatorship and the intense media attention that the singer had to deal with at a young age are discussed.


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