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Father Eugenie ‘s father – in – law has recovered from coronavirus Royals

Nicola Brooksbank, George’s wife, left via a statement The Telegraph know: “They saved him, and we can only be deeply grateful. We were unable to visit him during his treatment and were told to consider the worst case scenario. ”

Nicola was also infected with the coronavirus, but in a lighter form. She did not have to go to the hospital to receive treatment. “It is really fantastic what all the care providers in the hospital have done. It was great how I was treated, even though my case had not yet been hospitalized. I absolutely owe my life to these heroes. ”

Eugenie’s father-in-law has also responded to the media. “I am fine. There was always someone around and I would like to thank everyone involved in my recovery. This was a huge eye opener for someone who has not been in the hospital for quite some time and who has suddenly been handed over to the help of others. “


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