Father Lady Gaga: ‘Help us get these creeps’

Lady Gaga’s father begs the audience to help find the singer’s kidnapped dogs and identify the possible culprits. “Help us get these creeps,” Joe Germanotta said on Fox News just hours after it became known that the four-legged friends had been taken.

“Our whole family is upset and pray that Koji and Gustavo return safe and sound”

The animals were kidnapped while walking in West Hollywood led by a dog walker. The man was shot and took Koji and Gustavo, two French bulldogs. A third dog managed to escape.

“Our whole family is upset and is praying that Koji and Gustavo return safe and sound,” said Germanotta. The singer has offered a reward of $ 500,000 for the golden tip in recovering the animals.

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Dog walker Lady Gaga shot while performing work

The walker is doing well under the circumstances. He is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

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