FC Seoul is threatened with sex dolls

South Korea football club FC Seoul should fear a punishment for using sex dolls to fill the empty stands. The disciplinary committee of the highest professional league K League announced an investigation. Points deduction may be the outcome or a large fine, Yonhap news agency reported.

FC Seoul apologized on Monday for the dolls that the club had posted in the stands during the game against Gwangju. The competition in South Korea has resumed in the corona crisis, but the public is not allowed to enter the stadium.

Some of the dolls wore the club’s outfit, some were equipped with lyrics to support the players. They were all dressed appropriately, but according to television viewers, the club had not ordered normal display mannequins, but dolls for private use. “Their breasts are four times the size of normal mannequins,” social media said.

FC Seoul said that this was not the intention. “We wanted to create some atmosphere in the stands, but we had explicitly ordered regular dolls from the supplier, not ‘adult’ dolls. This is a misunderstanding, for which we apologize.”


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