FC Twente coach Jans: the VAR is not intended for this at all

After the derby between FC Twente and Heracles Almelo, it was mainly about a moment fifteen minutes before time. Referee Allard Lindhout gave FC Twente a penalty, but reversed that decision. The reason: at goalkeeper Joël Drommel’s goal kick, who heralded the attack, the ball was not still. It led to dissatisfaction with FC Twente coach Ron Jans.

“The VAR is not intended for this at all,” said Jans. “The VAR fixes gross errors and that happens regularly.” At Drommel’s kick-out the ball was visibly not standing still, but the VAR is not allowed to point this out to the referee without being asked.

“But this is not the VAR. This is someone who apparently does not know the rules,” said the trainer. “But maybe there will be another story: yes, the referee has informed. We are not happy with the VAR.”

Shortly after the reversed penalty, Danilo shot FC Twente at the same level. It became 1-1 in Enschede.


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