Federal government / states: Corona test obligation for hotel guests from German risk areas

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In view of the increasing corona infections in Germany, the federal and state governments have agreed on regulations for domestic German tourist trips, according to

According to the decision paper that has, the following should generally apply nationwide: Anyone who comes from a German corona risk area defined by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) may only be accommodated in a hotel or restaurant in the Federal Republic if a negative corona test is presented. This must not be more than 48 hours old. It literally says: “The time when the test result is determined is decisive for the start of the 48-hour period”. A nationwide ban on lodging applies to all others.

Four federal states are leaving

According to information from, however, four countries in which there are several corona risk areas are not participating in the new tourism regulation: Lower Saxony, Bremen, Thuringia and Berlin.

The 15 worst affected corona risk areas within Germany

The 15 worst affected corona risk areas within Germany

For example, the district of Vechta is located in Lower Saxony. The RKI’s Top15 hotspot list also includes four districts in Berlin, which also rejects the regulation. According to the protocol note, the capital does not want to distinguish between districts: “When evaluating the infection rate, Berlin wants to be treated as a city as a whole and a unified municipality.” just below the last seven days (47.2).

However, it is bizarre: Actually, the ban on accommodation for certain groups of people has been in effect since July 2016. Even then, the federal and state governments agreed almost word for word that people from inner-German corona risk areas would only be admitted to hotels and other accommodation facilities if they had a negative test allowed to.

The resolution of the federal and state governments of July 2020 was passed again almost word for word today

The resolution of the federal and state governments of July 2020 was passed again almost word for word today

But when Bavaria rushed ahead on Wednesday to publicly issue a ban on accommodation, today’s decision only really became significant. “Söder sold it as new,” complained a participant in the federal-state round on Wednesday evening.

Appeal from the federal and state governments

Nevertheless, today’s decision goes much further than the one in July: There may soon be further restrictions in domestic German travel. Literally it says in the resolution: “For travel in and out of the particularly affected areas, this means in particular that restrictions on unnecessary mobility are required at the latest when the (Infectious)The number continues to rise and there is no certainty that the chains of infection have already been comprehensively interrupted. ”

The federal and state governments would therefore “urgently” urge all citizens to “avoid unnecessary travel to and out of areas that exceed the limit of 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last 7 days”.

Editor’s note: In a previous version we inadvertently reported that Hamburg does not endorse the decision. In fact, Bremen declared in a memo not to go along the way.


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