Federal Network Agency: We are slowly surfing in Germany on mobile and fixed networks

The Federal Network Agency has presented its latest reports on fixed and mobile networks: Most users surf more slowly than their contracts promise. But that doesn’t seem to bother any customers.

The Federal Network Agency has published its 2020/2021 annual reports on broadband measurements. Klaus Müller, President of the Federal Network Agency, sums up the reports with these words: “The results are not yet satisfactory. Customers still often do not achieve the promised Internet speed”.

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Expressed in concrete numbers, this means: In the fixed network, 83.5 percent of users across all bandwidth classes and providers received at least half of the contractually agreed maximum data transmission rate in the download. Only 36.5 percent of the users fully reached or exceeded this bandwidth. However, there are clear differences between the individual bandwidth classes and providers, as the Federal Network Agency emphasizes.

Surprisingly, most customers (80.3 percent) were still satisfied with the performance of their broadband connection (grades 1 to 3). Less than 10 percent of customers gave their connection a 5 or 6 rating.

This is how mobile communications crawls

In mobile communications, the general level was well below that in the fixed network. Across all bandwidth classes and providers, only 20.1 percent of users (2019/2020: 17.4 percent) received at least half of the contractually agreed estimated maximum data transmission rate in the download and only a measly 2.6% of users achieved this fully or exceeded (2019/2020: 2.1%).

In higher bandwidth classes, the Federal Network Agency determined lower percentages with regard to the achievement of the contractually agreed estimated maximum data transmission rate. In mobile communications, as in the fixed network, there are differences in terms of providers. So if you are planning to switch providers, you should take a closer look at the report for mobile broadband connections.

The vast majority of end customers rated the providers with grades from 1 to 3 (75.7 percent).

methodology of the reports

According to the Federal Network Agency, the sixth annual report covers the period from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021. A total of 167,985 valid measurements were counted for the measurement with the desktop app (since February 1, 2021) and 315,638 for the browser measurement (up to February 1, 2021). In mobile communications, there were 441,233 valid measurements. Since there was a methodological change in the inpatient area, the results here are not comparable with the previous years due to different survey methods.

The new reports and the previous reports can be found here.

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