Federal states report: Over 40 percent of corona deaths died in homes

In many places, residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities waited in vain for visitors due to the corona restrictions.

In many places, residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities waited in vain for visitors due to the corona restrictions.


Many Covid-19 deaths in Baden-Württemberg can be traced back to outbreaks in nursing homes. Health Minister Manfred Lucha (Greens) admitted that. The opposition in the Ländle had requested a special meeting of the social committee because they classified the development in the homes as “worrying”. Home residents would not be adequately protected. Now it is clear: Almost 40 percent of all corona deaths in this state died in old people’s or nursing homes.

So far, 2,846 people in the country have been reported to have died in outbreaks in the facilities, said Minister Lucha in Stuttgart. A total of 7,566 people (as of February 10) have died in the country from or with the disease. The proportion of people who died in outbreaks in the homes is 37.6 percent.

Opposition: “Minister played down”

The allegation by the SPD and FDP: The delivery of rapid tests for visitors, employees and residents did not begin until the week after November 23, 2020. Sabine Wölfle, SPD social politician, said: “The SPD has been appealing to the state government since November that it must be more decisive in protecting nursing homes in the second wave of corona and that it must support the homes better. Nevertheless, after the federal resolutions, the obligation to test for nursing home visitors was only introduced weeks later. In December and January the minister glossed over the situation and made the situation in the homes more harmless. ”

The Tübingen emergency doctor Lisa Federle hit the same line before Christmas. She is considered to be one of the makers of the corona pandemic and has started rapid tests in Tübingen since the end of November, which she finances with donations. These rapid tests have been shown to have a noticeable effect on the incidence in the Tübingen district, said Federle.

Requests for help falter or fail to appear

Lucha had accused her of “not being in the pants”. You asked him several times to take care of the provision and financing of the rapid tests. The state makes available nine euros per test, because you cannot contribute any personnel reserves, the minister said.

However, research by at the end of January showed that the Bundeswehr’s offer of help with the implementation of rapid tests in old people’s and nursing homes is hardly used. A month ago only 22 applications had been received by the Territorial Tasks Command. The placement of volunteers also stalled.

So many died in other federal states

The Minister of Health rejected the criticism, in a comparison among the federal states there was no evidence that the rate of deaths was higher in Baden-Württemberg. That emerges from a country survey by the Ministry of Social Affairs. In Brandenburg the rate was 47.8 percent, in Schleswig-Holstein even 71 percent. In Bavaria, according to a request from, 48.2 percent of people who died of or with Corona died in care facilities.

Lucha referred to the progress in vaccination. In Baden-Württemberg, 70,150 residents and employees in nursing homes had received a primary vaccination and 33,777 a second vaccination by February 17. Although many health experts are in favor of special protection for the vulnerable group of residents, the minister is of the opinion that care facilities would be protected most effectively if the overall incidence in the population fell.

The opposition wanted to use an urgent application to ensure that the health minister would have to provide information about the corona situation in homes every week. However, this was rejected.


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