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Feel better: tips and products for your well-being

Feel better – our tips for more well-being

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Do you just want to feel better again? There is no reason to be ashamed of the thought. Many feel the same way – too much stress in everyday professional or private life, existential fears, the loss of loved ones and much more can put a strain on you, leaving your mood in the basement. Sometimes there is even talk of a depressive phase. No matter what psychological stress you have to endure: Don’t give up hope that better times will come again soon.

What you can do to make yourself feel better

Sometimes it is not easy to get rid of bad feelings. So here’s our most important tip: Make it a routine to track them down and then direct your thoughts into new, more productive channels. Are you already thinking about a problem that simply cannot be solved at the moment because you have no control over it? It’s good that you realize it – as usual in meditation, you can thank yourself for this process and then return to a nicer thought. Do you just hear a few birds chirping or are you enjoying a really good cup of coffee? Then consciously try to fathom this beautiful feeling.

There are countless, individual ways to feel better. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity because helping other people makes us feel good. But even a short walk in the sun can sometimes work wonders and make cloudy thoughts disappear for a moment.

4 products that can make you feel better

1. Yoga set


Yoga set from Overmont – 36.89 euros at Amazon *

Movement stimulates the circulation and ensures that happiness hormones are released. And it doesn’t have to be a marathon run right away: With a yoga set *, gentle stretches are possible, so that you can start the day relaxed and relaxed.

2. Electric guitar


Squier Bullet Stratocaster by Fender – 143.00 euros at Amazon *

Make sure that you don’t miss out despite the stress. How about starting a new hobby – for example playing the electric guitar *? You stimulate other parts of the brain, suppress depressing thoughts while practicing and playing and have fun with the music, especially when you can really crank it up.

3. Mindfulness cards


“Mindfulness for you” by arsEdition – 5.99 euros on Amazon *

Meditation and mindfulness let you forget cloudy thoughts and can actively contribute to improving your mood. To learn how it works and which breathing techniques you can use, these little karma cards * support you.

4. Coloring book for adults


Nasty coloring book by arsEdition – 7.99 euros at Amazon *

Maybe you know that: Sometimes you just have to let off steam for a moment in order to feel better afterwards. In order not to throw what you might be thinking at your boss, your work colleagues or people in your private environment, this coloring book with nasty coloring pages * is just the thing. By doodling and painting you automatically relieve some stress.

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