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Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch together film the Italian bestseller ‘De Acht Bergen’

Director Felix van Groeningen is working with his girlfriend Charlotte Vandermeersch on the film adaptation of the Italian bestseller De Acht Bergen by the Italian author Paolo Cognetti. Following are the American full-length Beautiful Boy Felix therefore stays in Europe again. Felix and Charlotte will not only write the screenplay together, they will also share the director’s chair together.

The novel The Eight Mountains – which has already been translated into thirty languages ​​- tells the story of Pietro and Bruno, a city boy and a mountain boy, who become friends when they are eleven. An intense but heartbreaking friendship that has been the only constant in their lives for thirty years.

Just as in Felix’s earlier films, friendship, family, destiny and acceptance are central to this story. With the untouched nature of the Italian Alps as a backdrop, the story exudes a longing for a simpler life. To make the film as authentic as possible, Felix and Charlotte chose to shoot the film in Italian.

Charlotte Vandermeersch explains how surprised she was by the request to co-direct: “Felix’s request to direct the film together came as an unexpected surprise but at the same time felt very natural. After a year of intensive toil on the scenario, we realize that we are a complementary duo. It will be a wonderfully exciting adventure to make this deceptively simple, yet emotionally layered film together! ”

The recordings are scheduled for this summer. Felix and Charlotte will be assisted by fixed values ​​Ruben Impens as cameraman and Nico Leunen as mechanic.


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