Ferrari 296 GTS: Seat test in the 830 hp plug-in athlete

The name GTS has a long history at Ferrari. From the 275 GTS from the 1960s to the 308 GTS (Magnum Ferrari) from the 1970s/80s to the modern 812 GTS, some of the most beautiful open-top Ferraris bear this abbreviation. Gladly also in combination with the letters GTB – they stand for the associated coupe.

It’s the same with the new 296. After the GTB in 2021, the designers in Maranello pulled the cloth from the open version this spring. Now AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS was allowed to take a seat in person for the first time.


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The basic technical structure was retained: a newly developed 120-degree V6 with dry sump lubrication and biturbo charging generates 663 hp, the electric motor placed between it and the eight-speed double clutch contributes a further 122 kW (167 hp). Makes 830 hp in the system.

Ferrari 296 GTS

Central double tube, including the diffuser. Everything like the coupe. The driving performance – almost.

The 296 GTS is supposed to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds – that would be exactly the specified value for the coupé. At 200 km/h the Spider loses three tenths on the Berlinetta; However, 7.6 seconds is still worthy of all credit. Is that because of the 70 extra kilos that the complex roof mechanics force on him?

The hard top disappears in 14 seconds

The retractable hardtop can be folded or unfolded in 14 seconds. The whole spectacle also works while driving up to 45 km/h. The roof is in two parts and folds so compactly over the engine that the designers were able to integrate a second opening behind the hood flap, through which at least a vague glimpse of the engine can be caught.

Ferrari 296 GTS

First seat test: Backrest too short for grown-ups, the neck dryer tends to blow between the shoulder blades.

Incidentally, with a charged high-voltage battery, the GTS can cover up to 25 kilometers fully electrically with the electric motor mentioned. Real performance junkies may not care, but this feature might prevent one or the other neighborhood dispute during a cold start in the morning in the posh residential area. Alternatively, the E-Power can be used as an additional boost.

Performance without compromise

Incidentally, Ferrari does not make any compromises when it comes to performance just because the GTS is an open car: the Assetto Fiorano package can also be ordered for it. It includes adjustable and even sportier dampers, various lightweight components, a carbon wing element at the front that brings another ten kilos of downforce, and sticky Michelin Sport Cup2R semislicks.

Ferrari 296 GTS

Here’s the good part: The 663 hp V6 can be admired through a small flap.

In terms of weight savings, however, the whole thing only achieves eight kilograms. As a special treat, there is a special design that is based on the spiritual father 250 Le Mans. Incidentally, the aero bar, which stretches across the two humps behind the passengers, is also intended to pay homage to this.

The 296 GTS is 44,595 euros more expensive than the GTB

In the cockpit, the GTS is geared towards the driver, as is typical for Ferrari. Almost everything can be operated directly from the steering wheel, so your hands always stay on the same. The remaining controls are implemented via touch surfaces, even the front passenger has his own small display. (The Ferrari 296 GTB in the test!)

A nice detail: the design of the gear selection gate in the middle is reminiscent of the manual switches of days gone by. The 296 GTS starts at 310,595 euros, which is 44,595 euros more than the GTB.

Ferrari 296 GTS

The double hump behind the passengers is currently being used in open super sports cars. Ferrari gives the whole thing its own touch with a transverse clasp.

However, if you are now toying with the idea of ​​ordering another one quickly: Patience is required, because Ferrari currently states a waiting time of between 18 and 24 months.

Specifications and price: Ferrari 296 GTS

• Engine V6, biturbo, center rear longitudinal + electric motor
• Displacement 2992cc
• System performance 610 kW (830 hp) at 8000 rpm
• Max. Torque 740 Nm at 6250 rpm
• Drive Rear wheel, eight-speed double clutch
• L/W/H 4565/1958/1191mm
• curb weight 1540kg
• 0-100/200km/h 2.9/7.6s
• Top 330km/h
• Price from 310,595 euros

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